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I always thought that if some manufacturers out there could just safely mix as many anti-cancer fighting compounds together, they just might be able to invent a concoction that possibly could kick cancer right where it counts, maybe even close in on a cure. Well guess what my dear friends. This dream is now a reality.


Introducing DDR Prime


In our prior page (go back to prior page) we mentioned many essential oils. I want you to realize that all the oils mentioned are cancer fighting oils. We discussed Frankincense oil and how it actually distinguishes between our normal DNA and malignant DNA. This is a natural phenomenon that some believe has to do with the fact that when a cell in our body becomes malignant its surface changes. The receptor sights on a cancer cell are different from that of a normal cell. We also mentioned many other oils. Here is a list of the oils brought to light.

  1. Frankincense Resin Oil
  2. Wild Orange Peel Oil
  3. Litsea Fruit Oil
  4. Thyme Leaf Oil
  5. Clove Bud Oil
  6. Summer Savory Plant Oil
  7. Niaouli Oil
  8. Lemongrass Oil

All the oils above can be found in one bottle of DDR Prime. This is amazing and you should take advantage of this. In fact, I urge you to take advantage of this product. It is, perhaps, the most important cancer fighting product that I take. Now, it does not just fight cancer. DDR Prime fights many different diseases. When we discovered this product, I did not hesitate to use it. Since I was dying of pancreatic cancer, I saw no need to put it off. I did not possess the luxury of time. I dove right in. Folks, I am so happy that I internally took DDR Prime. I began to feel a massive difference in energy, alertness and strength. I also noticed that my Chemotherapy side effects were not as potent as the doctors told me they would be. DDR Prime lessons the side effects of Chemo.


How does it come

DDR Prime comes in gel caps (as seen on left) that you can purchase in a bottle of 60. This is the costliest way to buy DDR Prime, but swallowing pills is much more convenient than trying to place 4 or 5 drops of DDR Prime in your mouth since the oils are very potent and almost take your breath away. I found a medium ground. I buy the 15 or 30ml dropper bottles (as seen below at right). I usually place 4 to 5 drops of DDR Prime from the bottles into empty Gel caps that I buy. The gel caps come in different sizes. I recommend size 0 (1 aught) or size 00 (2 aught). I use size 0 or 1 aught. You can easily add drops of essential oils in larger gel caps like these. I store these gel caps containing DDR Prime drops in my fridge and when I need to take them, I pull them from the fridge and swallow them whole. This saves me from enduring the asphyxiating effects of swallowing the raw oils from the dropper. Which ever way you wish to purchase DDR Prime, gel caps or Dropper is your choice. Many people like to buy the quick and easy already made-up gel caps as opposed to the dropper bottle. The dropper bottles have a small pour spout that allows only drop size liquid to pour forth from the spout. The “0” size capsules come apart. I always place the bottom of the gel cap over the little pour spout and pour out 4 or 5 drops into the bottom capsule by inverting the bottle. I do not use the top portion of the capsule because it will not fit correctly over the the little spout and this leads to seepage. You don’t want to be wasteful. This heavy duty cancer fighting tool works well, but it does come with a price, so be frugal—-don’t spill it. See image of empty gel cap right.



Who makes DDR Prime, or is it who distributes DDR Prime? The name of the distributor is do-TERRA and you might even be familiar with this company. There are other distributors like do-TERRA. There is Forever Young, Mountain Rose, “now” and others. But I have yet to discover any other firm that sells a product that contains a variety of essential oils that have been mixed together safely to give you the best fighting chance you have to beat cancer. Now, you may be thinking you can just buy all the essential oils mentioned above in the list and combine your own. Well, this would be fine; however, I do not recommend this. You probably will have no idea just how much of each oil to add to a home-made mixture, and the last thing you want to do is create a potion that makes you sick. If you really think you can do this right, well that is up to you. I just hope you do not hurt yourself. I thought about this myself, and I have come to the conclusion that do-TERRA knows best. The droppers and pills come premixed for you, and do-TERRA knows just how much essential oils to put in each pill or a dropper bottle.


In Summary

I feel very elated that we live in an age where people like the folks at do-TERRA are on our fighting side. I feel good knowing that we have alternatives and not just one type of treatment for cancer or disease. I also believe that if both our traditional western medicine and alternative medicine could just get on the same page to save lives, we would be very much further along in our progress to cancer cure. Maybe one day this will become a reality.

Lots of Love

Audrey J Rodgers

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