Wigmore Story

Medical Disclaimer

Ann Wigmore introduced wheatgrass to the People of the United States. She was the forerunner for this green liquid that has been praised for curing many people of many ills.

Before Ann came to the United States, she lived in a war smitten town in Lithuania, where her grandmother, an expert in herbology and plants, owned a make-shift hospital where she practiced on wounded soldiers. Ann noticed that the soldiers her grandmother practiced on usually kept their arms and legs, while the soldiers that were transported to inner city hospitals many times came back to the town minus an arm or a leg. When Ann turned eight, her mother and father, who opened a bakery in the United States, sent for her. So, in 1917, Ann found herself in Middleboro Massachusetts, helping her father with the bakery.

Ann’s father was a bit ruthless when it came to work. Ann found herself working seriously long hours with no pay at all. She also drove a wagon for her father to deliver the baked goods. Ann learned to read and write from a retired schoolteacher, one of Ann’s father’s customers.

At eighteen years of age, one day while Ann was driving her team of horses on a long bakery route, the cart tipped over and broke Ann’s legs. She was taken to the hospital emergency room where her legs were set and put in casts. However, to Ann’s dismay, her flesh above her casts became inflamed and the doctors told her she needed to have her legs amputated or she would die. Ann protested the procedure against her father’s orders and would not allow the doctors to amputate.

Ann was taken to her father’s house where she was given no assistance from her father or her mother.


Ann’s Uncle

Ann did receive help from her uncle. He took pity on his niece. He would come by Ann’s father’s house to deliver food and flowers to Ann. Ann saw these flowers as an opportunity to eat something green or close to green that she hoped would help her legs. She ate the flowers and stems. When her uncle found out about Ann devouring the flowers, he gave her, he stopped bringing her herbs but kept bringing her flowers which she, of course, ate.



Please move me to other Areas of the Yard

Ann asked her uncle to move her to other areas of the yard. She told him this way she could get sunshine in these other sectors of the yard. What this really did was allow her to move to new grassy patches in the yard where she had not eaten the lush green goodies. So, when her uncle moved her to these other areas, she was given the opportunity to fill her stomach with more grass. She grazed most of the day on the green grass. She just knew that these yummy greens would help save her legs and her life.


Eating Grass Pays Off

One day a doctor friend of Ann’s family came over to where Ann was in the yard and asked her how she was doing. Ann told him that the swelling in her legs had gone down. She also stated that the pain was for the most part gone, and she actually felt more energetic. This doctor asked if he could take some tissue samples from Ann’s legs. She politely accepted, and the doctor scraped some gangrenous flesh from her legs. He noted that the flesh was now a healthier looking pinkish color.

The doctor became excited and told the physician that first saw Ann after the accident and set her legs. Both went to see Ann and asked her what she was doing to help heal her legs. She told them about the greens she was eating, and they decided to have her legs examined, for a healing was taking place before them.

They X-rayed Ann’s legs and discovered that they were well knitted together and healing.

Sometimes Ann would hear a voice that told her to become a minister and build my temples. She did not know how she would do this, but she truly believed the voice was that of Christ, so she knew somehow if the Lord wanted this to happen, He would make a way.



Ann left home and made her way to Brockton Massachusetts where she hired on as a factory worker, then a restaurant clerk, and finally a hospital aide. She like being an aide very much, for this gave her the opportunity to help people. She found helping sick people to be very rewarding. She also met her future husband at the hospital and was married.

Ann told her priest about the voice that spoke to her concerning becoming a minister and he just laughed in her face. Ann did not let this discourage her. She soon began to go to religious classes in the Midwest Indiana. However, one day she came home to find herself locked out of her house. Her husband was against her religious classes, and they later divorced between 1950 and 1960. Penniless, homeless and with no job to go to, Ann wondered how her life would work out now. She said that she prayed and gave it all to God.

Ann found work care taking for a lady near Cape Cod. Here she also was given the opportunity to hear health lectures orchestrated by a well know doctor and surgeon. This surgeon taught Ann how scientifically the plants her grandmother administered to the wounded soldiers healed them. It was at one of these meetings that Ann also became acquainted with the owner of a paper called The Natural Health Guardian. After talking to Ann about here adventures in health care and plants, the publisher of the Natural Health Guardian hired Ann as a feature writer and later editor.



Although Ann now had work, the pay was extremely low, and she barely managed to get by. She sacrificed meals to pay rent. At work people noticed how shallow and thin Ann’s face was becoming. Finally, Ann had to do something. She opened her Bible to the place where God was taking well care of the Hebrews while they were in the desert following Moses. They received mana from heaven. Ann figured that the mana was already an indigenous plant of some breed in the desert all along. She figured that God could sustain her also, so she went on a hike and found hearty weeds growing in vacant lots.

She began to experiment with the weeds and invented a drink that kept her alive, well and alert. Ann even managed to gain weight. When Ann wrote about this to the readers of The Natural Guardian, a new door opened up as people responded to her story by sending her seed from all over the world. There was one particular seed that outgrew the others and began to mature faster as well.


Enter Wheatgrass

The seed that outgrew the rest and proved to be very resilient and healthy was the wheatgrass seed. Ann soon learned that after this grass grew 5 inches or more it produced an abundant amount of juice. Ann experimented with this juice and found it to help many of her problems. The wheatgrass healed her colitis, opened her sinuses and even brought back color to her hair and gave her face, eyes and body a healthy complexion and glow. It also rid any bad breath.

She was eager to try it on others. One of the doctors that followed Ann’s work through The Natural Gaudian suggested that she experiment on some of his patients that were ill beyond help.

Each day she brought freshly juiced wheatgrass to these dear people that suffered, some of them even emaciated, confined to bed and could not even stand. Ann would enter their homes talk to them about where there was life there was always hope, and give them wheatgrass. Then she would say, “I’d watch the miracles happen. So, here Ann began her ministry to people. Now she realized how God led her into the ministry.

Multiple Sclerosis, Emphysema, Arthritis and Cancer Victims find Relief

One of Ann’s patients was a multiple sclerosis victim, a cute little woman with a swell soprano voice. She existed miserably in bed. Ann started her on wheatgrass juice and after a few weeks of treatment, the little lady began to get up and make her way to the bathroom. Ann even began to brush her own hair.

Another patient was a stooped, elderly man in terrible discomfort from emphysema. Often gasping for breath, he felt certain he would die in a matter of months. “Here again”, Ann suggested, “the wondrous combination of the nutrients in the wheatgrass and a new outlook seemed to work a miracle. The unfortunate man straightened his body for the first time in many years and began to walk unassisted. As he glowingly expressed it, ‘A new force seems to be welling up inside of me. It is wonderful’.

“Just a few blocks away,” Ignore continues, “in a dismal room, the wheatgrass juice drink was being taken regularly by an arthritis sufferer, a middle-aged man with badly swollen ankles, knees, and elbows. He was unable to leave his quarters [and was] without friends, undernourished, his body afflicted with almost unendurable spasms of pain. Yet the regular drinks of wheatgrass, coupled with a fresh vegetable meal each evening, brought startling results in a few weeks.

“Thus, one morning he joined me on the daily wheatgrass route. It turned out that he knew the man with emphysema. They had worked as professional musicians together before ill health had forced them both to retire. When he met the multiple sclerosis victim, he clasped her hand with a shout of delight; she was another old friend of the musical days.

In time, the concert pianist afflicted with emphysema, the soprano with multiple sclerosis, and the arthritic basso pledged the remainder of their lives to aid others. “Of the dozens of individuals with whom I worked during those twelve busy months; most had not worked steadily for several years.

I learned that three had found regular employment, many had part-time jobs, and not a single one remained bedridden.” In addition to drinking juice, these people agreed to follow a diet consisting of vegetables, spouts, fresh fruits, baby greens, sea vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts, and grains, all eaten raw and prepared in delicious combinations.


Where to Find and Buy Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is available in tablet form, or as a powdered drink mix, but there is nothing difficult about growing your own wheatgrass at home. It can be done quickly, easily, at little or no cost. For instructions on growing wheatgrass indoors, All you really need is a place to store your seeds, topsoil, and peat moss; a place to soak the seeds (usually near a sink); and a place where the containers full of sprouting seeds can get some indirect sunlight. The juice can be extracted with an ordinary meat grinder, the only expensive item you may want to get because you don’t want to grind it by hand-please use an electric juicer. Sprouting, can be done without soil unlike wheatgrass, which is too fibrous to be eaten-and can only be juiced. Sprouts are delicious and can be eaten by themselves, added to salads or sandwiches, or they too can be juiced. The nutritional value of sprouts is much higher than at any other time in a plant’s life.

Doses: Never drink an entire glass of wheatgrass juice at one sitting. The concentrated cleansing effect of that much juice can make you queasy. Drink it in small amounts-1 or 2 ounces each time-throughout the day, preferably on an empty stomach or near-empty stomach. Up to 4 ounces a day, or every other day is sufficient. These 1- or 2-ounce drinks can be taken straight or mixed with other juices.

I will also try my best to provide links, tags or a banner that will lead you to posts where you can buy Ann Wigmore’s wheatgrass book that shows step by step instructions on how to grow this very nutritious plant.

I know I am spending lots of time on this fabulous and miraculous story about Ann Wignore, but I hope you understand that she was a friend of my husband’s and a good friend of Sandy Coff, a very dear friend of mine that lived in Ann Wigmore’s foundation in Massachusetts. Sandy had a serious case of colon cancer that she was not supposed to survive from. The doctors gave her very little time to live. Sandy stayed at Ann’s Foundation for several months and the wheatgrass along with other very healthy vegetables, nuts etc.… actually stopped the metastasis in her colon. The wheatgrass localized the tumors. The grass shrunk the tumors to the point where they were so small that they were surgically removed, like a lumpectomy, with little difficulty. Sandy’s surgeon said the cancer was sure to come back. People, it never, ever did and that is a fact you can take to the bank. Sandy did keep drinking the wheatgrass. I think that stopped the cancer from returning.


Ann’s Diet Plan

The diet she recommends, along with wheatgrass juice, consists of simple, uncooked foods, such as fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, sprouted seeds, grains, beans, and nuts, along with pure liquids such as fresh vegetable juices, fruit juices; and “green drinks” made from a variety of sprouts, greens, and vegetables are nutritious, yet light on the digestion. “In my years of working with this simple diet,” she says, “I have observed that after following such a diet for a number of weeks, many people notice the disappearance of nagging problems they had lived with for months or years. Blocked sinuses open up, sleep is deeper and most restful, aches and pains are relieved, excess weight is quickly shed, the eyes become brighter, and facial stress disappears.”‘


Testimonials I will Share a Few

Testimonials: Many people wrote to Ann Wigmore, telling of their experiences using wheatgrass juice. The following are some testimonials that appear in her book, Be Your Own Doctor.

One lady says that a friend, knowing that her husband was troubled painfully with arthritis, told her about wheatgrass juice. “We were so impressed,” she says, “that we had an indoor garden of wheatgrass growing within two days. My husband began taking it as soon as it was five inches tall. We cut down our eating-trying to follow your simple diet. The results were miraculous. Getting up in the morning no longer meant massage and groans. After just seven days on your therapy, he was able to tie his own shoes without help. Within two weeks, on two drinks a day, morning and evening, his pains and the swollen redness about the knees disappeared.”

Another Lady says that for many years she had suffered from asthma. Every so often her husband would have to rush her to the hospital in an ambulance where she would stay in an oxygen tent. She seemed to be allergic to everything. A friend got her started on wheatgrass juice. In 3 weeks, her asthma “completely disappeared.” Her allergies “seemed to have vanished.” Her friends told her she looked 20 years younger, and she returned to work once more. Ann’s doctor warned her that she would have asthma again. But she says in 3 years it has not returned, and she has a “new life.”

From a Lady: “Even as a child, I seemed to have high blood pressure. My face was always flushed, and the least exertion sent my heart pounding.” [The stress of raising a family just seemed to make it worse. Her sister suggested she try wheat-grass juice. In a short time, she had three indoor boxes of wheatgrass sprouts growing.] “Two weeks later,” she says, “my doctor said my pressure had fallen 37 points and the following week 17 more. So the danger is passed and has been for over half a year. I cannot thank you enough.”

Mr. N.G. Says, “Eleven months ago, I had diabetes; my circulatory system was so bad, my tear glands weren’t functioning; my digestive organs were shot. I was spending between six hundred and seven hundred dollars per month on drugs and vitamins and getting worse. My doctor, a good physician and very dear old friend shook his head and said, ‘There’s nothing more I can do.’ Even though I did not speak of it, I was giving up.” Then a neighbor told him about wheatgrass juice, and how it helped so many of her friends. She gave him a box of wheatgrass and showed him how to grow it and juice it. He started immediately. “Within 3 weeks, my blood sugar was normal,” he says. “Soon after, my other problems showed tremendous improvement. Today I am happy, healthy, and 74 years young.”

Mrs. Liz. B. Says, “My husband has been a victim of emphysema for several years. Lately, he could only take a few steps at a time. Then he would have to stop and gasp for air. I do not believe he would have lived very long if it were not for wheatgrass. I could only raise enough for one good glassful each day. However, within a month he became a new man. The shortness of breath was gone, and today he helps with everything, lifts, lugs, and works all day.”

Ms. T.J. Says she was determined to see what wheatgrass juice could do for her. “I took a glassful once a day. After about a month, I began to notice that my hair was coming in thicker and, strange to say, was the color it used to be when I was a girl. This was indeed surprising as I had been getting much gray hair in the past ten years.”

Junior, a leukemia victim, says, “I have been taking wheatgrass regularly. I have one box inside as well as two outside the house. It is doing very well. But here is the good news. After all my discouraging trips to the hospital and things continually getting worse, hope at last arrived. Last Friday I had a blood test and my blood count is normal. I don’t know how long this will last, but I shall continue taking the wheatgrass regularly. According to medical science there is no cure for this disease. My blood count now seems to prove that somebody is mistaken.”

Mr. B.G. Says, “I had been a victim of Parkinson’s disease for many years. It first appeared when I fell over backwards and was taken to the hospital where the diagnosis was made. When I was released, I believed I was well again. Then, however, the trembling came to my left hand and spread to my right foot. Fortunately, my aunt in Washington sent me information about wheatgrass juice. I will have been on the therapy for 2 full months next Monday, and all my shakes have gone. It was like being born again. Unbelievable!”

LADYS AND GENTLEMEN, the testimonials go on and on and on. If I tried to cover all of them, we’d be reading about them for months. I think that the wheatgrass’s tremendous and miraculous performance speaks for itself.

YET: there is one more thing I just must mention, “Did you know that wheatgrass will help you lose weight or gain weight if your body needs to gain? Yep, its like a weight regulatory drink. I needed to gain weight due to cancer and my friend needed to lose. She lost weight and I gained weight. You see wheatgrass naturally increases your metabolic rate so you eat more, and you become very energetic, so you do more.

As we read about Ann, we probably noticed how Ann built God’s temples. She ministered via, books, lecture halls, clinics, and people’s homes. These were the beginning of the temples. However, Dr. Ann Ignore (DD, PhD, and ND) built foundations, clinics for people to go to and get well. She also built the Hippocrates Health Institute. I guess you could say she did build God’s temples. These temples truly haled the sick, too.

To be considered: I am humbly trying to help people on this site and sometimes what I know concerning healthy alternatives to riding a body of disease and cancer can be a delicate subject.

Ann Wigmore did not receive her degrees from accredited schools. Ann faced opposition from many different sources. Ann Wigmore even faced lawsuits She was dubbed as a quack, and she even stood trial for stating that the Wheatgrass could cure AIDS.

In 1988, the Massachusetts Attorney General sued Wigmore for claiming that her “energy enzyme soup” could cure AIDS. Suffolk County Judge Robert A. Mulligan ruled that Wigmore’s views on how to combat AIDS were protected by the First Amendment but ordered her to stop representing herself as a physician or as a person licensed in any way to treat disease. This was not the first time Wigmore had run afoul of the law. In 1982, the Attorney General of Massachusetts sued Wigmore for claiming that her program could reduce or eliminate the need for insulin in diabetics and could obviate the need for routine immunization in children. She abandoned those claims after losing in court.

I know this sounds strongly against all Ann stood for, and makes her out to be look like a bad person. BUT, she was not a bad person. She believed in herself and in people. She believed that a strong healthy diet enriched with wheatgrass and other green herbs and plants helped people. What the courts may have failed to realize is that she gave people who were at the end of their rope and getting worse, a strong dose of hope.

Many, many people were helped through Ann’s ministry. There is too much documentation to believe any differently. As I said earlier, my dear friend Sandy Coff (just one of the many people that Ann helped), only had a few months to live. Her cancer was cured, and she lived many years later. However, I included this last excerpt, because I feel if one is to write a short biography on an individual, then one must be willing to report their challenges to adversity also.

Folks Wheatgrass has helped me very much and I strongly, strongly believe it will help you, too. There is a living spring within green grasses and plants that I feel experts as well as laymen have yet to explore. Inside the grass, herbs and plants lives a spirit of healing—-possibly the spirit of great health and good tidings .

Please send me any comments you may have concerning your battle with illness, or cancer. If you have any comments about this website, please post them below. I will answer in a timely manner. I am very interested in your endeavors to root out and beat cancer in your life. Have a wonderful day, take care and God bless you.

Lots of Love

Audrey J.

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9 thoughts on “Wigmore Story”

  1. I just loved this cool story about Ann Wigmore. I have heard of wheatgrass, but I had no idea How well it works on the human body. I shall keep this in mind. Maybe it would be good to use this sick or not. Thank you for the article.

  2. Wow, what an encounter! You have done an elaborate job of sharing Ann Wigmore’s story and I have to say that the benefits contained within it is not just limited to the wheatgrass. There are also life lessons that can be learnt from Ann’s story. She is resilient, optimistic and clearly hardworking. Thanks to the influence of her grandmother, she grew to be of help to herself, her community and countless others. This is a true beauty. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Dear Rhain,

      Thank you darling. Your heart-felt words are very considerate indeed. Ann Wigmore is not a common name anymore, but at one time, especially in the 1980’s, she gained amazing fame. She gave her all and then some, yet she had to overcome a very hostile medical environment. Our country was so into westernized medicine that they could not see how any other treatment but hard-core traditional medicine could help in any way—can you imagine that? Talk about being closed minded. Well….aren’t we lucky for people that think outside the box?

      My prayer is that I might be able to reach out and help just a fraction of the people Ann helped. Do you think this is possible? Lord, only knows.

      Lots of love

      Audrey J.🎶❤👵

  3. Thank you for sharing the life saving story with us. I particularly like the story of  your dear friend, Sandy Coff, who had a few m months to live due to the malignant cancer. By using the Wheatgrass, she cured her cancer and live many more years. It is truly powerful testimonial that impress me. 

    I have several friends who are at the late stage of cancers. I will inform this to them. No matter what, I wish they could have this information and at least they have a look of this. Of course, the cancer patients themselves have the final says on whether or not they would like to try this remedy.

    It is kind of you sharing this information with us  

    • Thank you very much, Anthony, you are so dear.

      I love Sandy’s story. We all thought she was dead, basically. I’ll never forget the day we were all just balling. We knew she was a goner, but her persistence and bull-headed ways–lol led her to Ann Wigmore, and the transformation, Tony ( can I say Tony??) okay sorry, lol Anthony, well….it was a GOD sent miracle. We were getting ready to bury her. Instead, she lived on. She has passed away now, but her story and courage live on. These dear precious people will always remain alive in our hearts.

      Thank you

      BTW: My goal is to help, and this site has helped people I do not know, as well as those I do know. I was told that some others are achieving great results with the remedied and supplements brought to light in my website.

  4. Wow, this wheatgrass sound like a miracle pill! I didn’t know much about it until reading your page and I certainly never heard of Ann Wigmore until now. The website is good it has many information but I find it kind of long. If someone that doesn’t like to read much they will skip to the end. Other than that it’s very informative.

    • Thank you dear Mike,

      You are awesome and I love transparency.

      I cherished all your words. Wheat grass is a great product of its own. However, I, of course, used other products like DDR Prime—very strong cancer fighting properties, shark alkyglycerols, also known as AKG,s, Colostrum a superb IGg natural antibiotic backup for our bodies, and I like CBD. It works very well to curve pain and anxiety that come with disease or illnesses, or any stressful situations we might endure.

      My hope is that I can reach out to the a fraction of people that Ann Wigmore helped. You are very considerate in identifying with her—thanks. I Shall always note your advice. We all have to keep on working our sites to help others, and we must always be open to suggestion. I admire your suggestions very much, Michael, and maybe one day you’ll give wheat grass a try? 🙂

      Lots of Love

      Audrey J. 🎶❤🧓

  5. I wasn’t expecting reading this much, but Ann Wigmore history has capture all may attention. Thanks a lot for delivering it to us through your post. 

    We need to go back to our roots. It has been scientifically proven that our digestive system is done for fruits and vegetables rather than meet. Vegan focused on a radical posture (radical just because they go against what’s currently stablished).

    There are too many people and companies interest in controlling food and beverages industries. 

    I take my chances of challenging you to get 2 or 3 Ann Wigmore diet days on your weeks. Do you follow the me on this challenge?

    • Oh my dear Juan, yes of course I’ll accept and meet your challenge. Let’s go for it hee hee. It is wonderful to stay healthy and clean. Yes, why don’t we go back to our roots what  do you say? I agree with you 100% you are very insightful.

      Thank you Juan. you are a very giving person. I can tell.

      Love you

      Audrey J.


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