Tsk Tsk if You’re a NA – Yee Hawdy if You’re a WPA

Medical Disclaimer

When faced with serious adversity, like terminal cancer or disease, our attitudes can mean the difference between an abundant life or a miserable life.

Positive attitudes usually generate longevity and higher quality of life.

Of course It is very difficult to maintain a smile on your face or perpetually laugh in the face of cancer or disease.

But, if you can, do your darn best to harbor a happy positive attitude through your trials with cancer or disease, you will discover this will make your life a little easier.

No doubt, there will be sorrow and sadness.

However, if we are able to put on a happier face as often as possible, life seems to be less complicated and more entertaining, and You will discover that the smallest of things in life, will take on an entirely different meaning in a very good way.

Tsk Tsk You Are a NA

“What in the world is a NA and why should I even give a flip about a NA? I don’t need to know about this junk. NA, what nonsense. Probably an acronym for “nasty alcohol anyway”, bah, what bull.”

Does this sound familiar? Can you associate with the response above or are you more curious about the definition of NA, and you become happily anxious to know the meaning?

Ah, which response applies to you. You may not know this, but you are about to find out more about yourself than you might think.

If you couldn’t care less about what NA stands for and have a “bah humbug” approach to its definition, then congratulations you are a NA and its time to clean up your life.

NA equals a “negative attitude”. You might laugh now, but believe me, a negative attitude wreaks havoc on the body in many ways.

Let’s see what we can do to stop the negative thinking. Remember you must take the fist step yourself and want to stop this reckless attitude—okay? I dare you to read this book.




Yee Hawdy You’re a WPA

Now I dare you to read this book.

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“Hm….interesting, what does WPA mean? Well, maybe it means “Wi-Fi Protection Access.”

“I really wish I knew; this is very cool. I like acronyms. They work well for me. I can’t wait to learn what the definition for WPA really is.”

Now be honest, does this response to WPA relate to you or not? I hope this response is the one you chose. If it is, then congratulations you are walking through life with a smile on your face and things are looking up.

Yep, the skies are blue and the grass is growing green with flowers. WPA equals a “Wonderful Positive Attitude”.

What lies Ahead For The NA

Studies done by Harvard, Mayo Clinic and Univ. Of Arizona, revealed very interesting results concerning positive vs. negative thinking.

The studies revealed some very good food for thought. Negative thinking leads to a stressful life, a life full of turmoil, that need not be there.

Negative thoughts dulls the mind, increases blood pressure, can lead to indigestion, ulcers, imbalances in chemo factors in the brain, increases stress overall, a weakened immunity system, less resistance to colds, flu, and thwarts the body’s overall health.

This is just the beginning of the list. The NA person’s lifespan can actually be shortened.

The NA person will slip into depression much easier than a WPA (wonderful positive attitude) person.

The NA usually develops odd symptoms that have no real origin. Examples of this are IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), twitches of the eye or nerves, complicated sleep patterns, no sleep, undefined stomach and bowel problems such as diarrhea, constipation, unknown reasons for stomach aches and pains and the list goes on.

Some doctors refer to these problems as idiopathic symptoms (symptoms peculiar to the individual).

This can cause the NA person to become very anxious. The NA might even find him/herself becoming very agitated, frightened, and stressed out because doctors can find no true pathological agent causing the symptoms.

The NA may be written off as a crock or a person with psychogenic issues that are far too complex to fully understand.

Some seizures can actually be psychogenic (false seizures triggered by panic or stress) in nature.

However, if the NA is able to turn this around and become more positive, his or her life can change into a world with better overall health and rewarding experiences.

NOTE: please do not associate your cancer or disease with a NA. This would be negative thinking if you do.

What about the WPA person

This person experiences the effects of positive thinking and optimism on health. Health benefits of the WPA person are normally as follows.

⦁ Longer lifespan.

⦁ Decreased rates of depression.

⦁ Decreased levels of stress and over-anxious feelings of hopelessness.

⦁ Higher resistance to the common cold and flu.

⦁ Greater psychological and physical well-being.

⦁ A happier heart and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

⦁ Able to use improved coping skills in serious, stressful situations.

The WPA is not always happy of course.

We cannot expect ourselves to always be laughing in the face of death or an issue of severity.

We are not able to just smile our way through every malady in life that comes along.

This would not be expected and would not be normal.

I can’t imagine how offended I might become if someone walked over to me, laughed and made light of my cancer.

What we can expect are better methods to cope with our dilemmas, tense moments, and anxious, stressful times in our lives.

How NA’s Can Improve Their Attitudes

1. Take personal inventory. Now and then stop and evaluate your thoughts. Are they negative? If they are, think how you can turn them into positive thoughts.

2. Become more open to humor. Do your best to laugh more often. Even a fake laughter can make you feel better. Allow yourself to smile more.

3. Look for areas in your life that you can change. When you find those areas you normally think negatively about, change your negative thoughts about that area into a positive. You might wish to do this one area at a time.

4. Do your best to practice positive self-talk. Encourage yourself. Find positives about yourself. When negative thoughts enter your head, evaluate that thought and turn it into a positive.

5. Get more involved with positive people. You will discover that if you spend a lot of time with positive people the positives will rub off onto you.

6. Keep up a healthy lifestyle. Get more exercise and eat healthier and learn techniques to manage stress in your life.

In Summary

Listen, much of our battle with disease, like cancer, is a mind battle. The disease comes to rob us of our joy.

If we constantly beat ourselves up over why we have the disease or what we could have done to prevent cancer, we only hurt ourselves.

Somehow we have to find ways to laugh and fill our hearts with joy. Even when it hurts, it is best to laugh.

Sorrow and sadness along with stressing over our disease will not cure us, but it will harm us. This goes for anything in life.

We are not promised long problem free lives on this planet. What we do with what we have is the real issue, the real test.

We can live sadly and stressful with cancer, or we can do our best to be happy, loving and helpful during our battle. The choice is yours my dear friends. What will be your choice?

Please my dear friends, always feel free and very comfortable to leave me comments below on how you are doing and feeling.

I am very concerned for your welfare and your ongoing battle with cancer or illness. Let me help. God bless you.

Lots of Love,

Audrey J

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