Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer Survival – How I Survived

Medical Disclaimer

I wish I had the magic potion, the ultimate 2-minute cure for cancer and disease. Well, guess what? I don’t, sorry. I do not even possess the magic wand of wonders, but what I do have is still very powerful. What I have has kept me surviving stage 4 pancreatic cancer for many months.

The doctors gave me two or three months, But with a never give up attitude and prayer, I fooled them. Prayer helps me relax and clear my mind. I pray for all of you out there with cancer or terminal disease. I care for you all very much, and this is where we do have magic. The following is the magic I share with you all, love, help, grace, mercy, caring, concern, laughter, and joy.  May we have the willingness to embrace others and share these ingredients with the world, for this will encourage us and lift our spirits.




Just A Smidgen Of Faith – Only Takes A Seedling

Have you ever heard the words of a song, “It’s gonna take a lot of love to change the way things are”, or “It’s gonna take a lot of faith to get us by in this relationship”? Well….sometimes it only takes just a little love to move the mountains in our lives or in our relationships. Love many times is at its strongest when it is yet a seed planted in our minds, for when it is just a seed, it possesses the potential to grow enormously.

It was once said, “That the faith of a mustard seed is all we need to move a mountain”. Just a little seedling will move mountains. You say, “hmmmmm…..right, is that so”. Yes, that is quite possibly so.

David Wilkerson a feeble legged man from, Scottdale and Philipsburg in Pennsylvania, read a Life magazine and felt compassion for the teens that were into gangs and drugs in NY city. He felt compelled to help those teens. With little money and a beat-up car, he drove to NY. He walked into a trial to help some troubled teens, and he was ejected.

The Press dubbed him the “Bible Preacher” that tried to interrupt the trial. He later founded “Teen Challenge”  One of NY’s largest outreaches to teens and adults in the “Big Apple”. Just think. It all started as just a small seedling of a thought, and many, many teens and young adults found happiness and freedom—-no longer chained slaves to drugs and violence.

The Chicago Cubs finally won the world series. I heard a friend speak very meekly. “I think the Chicago Cubs will win the series this year”. This was just a thought, a seedling of hope or faith. They did win—–the goat went to pasture. The Cubs won, and the mountain moved.

Martin Luther King  dreamed about a society where all people of all races receive equal Civil Rights—-just a thought, a seedling. The mountain moved under President Johnson and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed into law.

Do you feel that little seedling beginning to grow in your mind? Yes, there it is. Just a smidgen of faith can move your mountain. Yes it can.

What this adds up to is a new you. I know you are hurting. I know your pain. I know how hopeless this feels to you. However, you can grab onto hope via the thought that I only need a little faith in myself =self-confidence as well.

Maybe, that little seedling of faith will lead you to embrace your higher power. I used candles and flowers, crosses and pictures of my higher power. I placed them all over my house, thus I felt my higher power was right beside me wherever I went. I even lit candles and I contacted many churches of all faiths and millions of people prayed for me.

BELIEVE me, all this helped my entire holistic journey with Cancer. People, I honestly felt the prayers in my soul.

Please, if placing a faith symbol(s) about your house increases your faith, then do so. Maybe it’s a picture of your higher power or a symbol like the Lotus flower (click here to see Lotus Flower). Representing purity and enlightenment, or the Endless knot, or, the Mandala. Representing eternal harmony. It might be The Rub el Hizb, or the Star and Crescent (click here to see Star and Crescent Moon).

My support network is wonderful and extensive. I pray that you have a network of support even larger than mine. If you do not, then you may wish to look up a support network.

I know by experience. That reaching out to others induces a feeling of wellness. Mingling with people helps in many ways, and we have so much hope to offer others.

Below are sites you can contact that can lead you to a great support network where you live.




The Holistics Of My Case


We already explored some holistic measures I practiced in the former heading—-pictures of my higher power, Candles, flowers, and crosses. However, the holistic approach to wellness refers to addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health, while taking social factors into consideration.

I like to include proper diet and reaching the soul. The holistic approach balances all of these factors. Harmonizing all these factors  equals a well-integrated individual that maintains conformity.

I have a wellness box; I put trophies in my box. I go to this box and fondle my trophies. I stare at them because they fill my inner spirit with joy. My holistic trophies even include Rosary Beads (click here for Rosary Beads). You can take a large shoe-box and put things in your box that makes you feel good——try it.

What you eat is very important. Their are very potent cancer-fighting vegetables.
These are called Cruciferous vegetables ( vegetables that belong to the cabbage family).

Here is a long list of Cruciferous Vegetables. Below you will find a
list of cruciferous vegetables. While you may not have heard the term
cruciferous vegetable before, it’s likely that you have eaten plenty
Cruciferous veggies. They include Arugula, Bok choi, Broccoli, Broccoli
rabe, Broccoli romanesco, Brussels sprout, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chinese
broccoli, Chinese cabbage, Collard greens, Daikon, Horseradish, Kale,
Kohlrabi, Komatsuna, Mizuna Mustard – seeds and leaves, Radish,
Rutabaga, Turnips roots, and greens) Wasabi, Watercress

Some of The best cancer-fighting foods

⦁ Berries.

Cruciferous vegetables (see paragraph above).

⦁ Carrots.

⦁ Fatty fish (contains Polyunsaturated fats omegas).

⦁ Walnuts or Almonds (packed with polyunsaturated fats).

⦁ Legumes (Beans, Chick Peas—-just beans in general.

⦁ Supplements and medications.

⦁ Apples

My supplements are as follows: All the Essential oils and other very strong cancer-fighting promoters you can read about if you click on my home page (turn your cells into cancer killing machines). I take magnesium, coral calcium, Vit. D3, Vit. C..

I drink protein drinks, mostly organic. I like raw veggies, but I am involved with light Chemo, so I have to be careful. The veggies have to be very clean. I do steam at times, but I also cook them.

I am partial to frozen veggies, yet I have been told raw organic produce is better. Thank you, and by the way, the listed oils and cancer-fighting, holistic treatments you read from the home page (turn your cells into cancer killing machines), give me the ultimate boost. Yes, THEY DO.




Helping Others Leads To Helping Yourself.


Friends, when we reach out to others, even though we are ill, we spread hope to many who are hurting. This may allow our minds to focus on positive thoughts and actions and empower those whom we touch in life. When we allow ourselves to socialize, we enable people to understand that we are not cancer-ridden defects. We are dignified human beings that possibly understand many more meanings about life than most of our non-inflicted peers, for we know our lives are hanging in a balance.

When we are able to conquer our fears, we begin to see that even the smallest of things in life are immeasurable. And, this dear people we can strongly share with anyone. This yields a feeling of acceptance. This validates us, makes us still feel that we are useful—-what a grand feeling of accomplishment.




A Cancer Prayer

Now I lay me down to rest. I know dear Lord that You know best.

If I should pass before the morn, I shall smile, for another child will take my place when he is born.

I ran life’s race, and through many trials, I did win. I’d share more love if I had it to do over again.

Should you let me live another day, I shall offer happiness to those that are in dismay.

I thank you that my life was enriched with love. Your grace pours peace from above.

May you let me live a little longer so that I might teach others to love and be stronger.



You Are All Precious To Me


I shall leave you now pondering over all that I barraged you with. I see the world with a new pair of eyes. Life unfolded before me bearing new colors and new challenges, like staying alive. This is me, the person that laughs more loves more, realizes how precious family, friends, relatives and all God’s children are.

Thank you, all of you.


Audrey Jean

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