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I love spirulina, it is really a blue-green algae that grows in alkaline water. It is loaded with plenty of protein, a very good algae protein that is lean and very healthy.

There have been no conclusive experiments or tests done to back up the claims that spirulina is great for the brain, heart, digestive system, liver, eyes and fighting cancer and disease.

When I began to take spirulina, I noticed I did feel a little more alert and my cholesterol level did lower.

Spirulina is packed with antioxidants which means to me that it must be good for fighting disease and cancer. Here is what I have come to find out about Spirulina.

May Have Cancer Fighting Properties

Some evidence suggests that spirulina has properties that fight cancer. Research in animals indicates that it can reduce cancer occurrence and tumor size.

Spirulina’s effects on oral cancer — or cancer of the mouth — have been particularly well studied. One study examined 87 people from India with precancerous lesions — called oral sub-mucous fibrosis (OSMF) — in the mouth. Among those who took 1 gram of spirulina per day for one year, 45% saw their lesions disappear — compared to only 7% in the control groups—21 trusted sources. When these people stopped taking spirulina, almost half of them redeveloped lesions in the following year.

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