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Many of us with cancer find that we are restricted from many foods and beverages that we enjoy in life. These little pleasures may not sound that important, but when it comes to eating and drinking, they mean a lot. How many of us with cancer have sat near a fooderie or soda stand drooling over everything that other people were stuffing down their faces or drinking? I am sure I am not the only one. Sometimes I am known to break a rule and indulge in coffee. Coffee has not been proven to be bad for people with cancer, but it is acidic and therefore it could lower our PH just enough to disturb our healing processes or give us a peptic ulcer—-something we sure don’t need along with cancer.


Chicory Coffee

The root of the chicory plant is roasted and ground up into grains quite similar to the way that coffee beans are ground up. This leaves a coffee looking like powder that smells much like coffee beans and has the strong flavor of the beans, too.

Years ago, during the Civil War, some southern states, Louisiana, and the city of New Orleans, in particular, took pride in their chicory coffee. At that time, the coffee beans were scarce, and the trade routes were compromised. When the war ended, Coffee returned as the main hot beverage again, but not so quickly in Louisiana. The people here liked their new founded chicory coffee and they held on to it. They were smart in doing so, for here is what they discovered.


Chicory is Immune Boosting

The root comes from the plant of the dandelion family. It is very fibrous, and because it is so fibrous, it aides in digestion. It contains manganese and inulin a probiotic that boosts the immunity system. Now, some folk may say, “that’s all good but I like my coffee it calms me down”. Does Coffee really calm a person down? Research says, no. After a person drinks more than their share of coffee, they may become agitated, as stress builds up from the caffeine. The acid in coffee also churns the gut. So, while your coffee gulping friend is having gut issues and stress symptoms over his good cup of Joe, you are sitting relaxed and feeling calm. Something else to consider is how the root extract of this plant decreases the proliferation of skin cancer. More research is necessary to shed light on its cancer fighting compounds, yet this is nice to know.


Chicory Boosts Liver Health, Helps Diabetes


Whenever I hear the words “boosts Liver function or health” I get excited, because usually if the remedy fights for the liver, I know 9 out of ten times it will fight for the pancreas, too. So, here we go. One 2015 medical review spoke about the ability of chicory root extract to protect the liver from free radicals. This way, it can cut the risk of possible liver toxicity and cancer.

And then there is this Egyptian study that was done in which they found that chicory extract reduced oxidative stress. If we can strip ourselves of a lot of stress, this alone can help reduce our chances of acquiring cancer. In yet another Egyptian study, chicory extract was found to reduce oxidative stress and prevent cell damage to the liver.

Also, Studies show that bio-active extracts of chicory root can have a potential role in treating osteoarthritis. Plant polyphenols combat inflammation. So, if you are suffering from inflammatory arthritis, chicory root can be a good remedy. I like this because I happen to have some Osteoarthritis, and this chicory has yet to let me down.

Folks, the amazing qualities of chicory root is astonishing. It does what it says. Now, all of what we spoke about concerning Chicory root leads us to another subject that is related to chicory root and that is Dandelion root extract.


Dandelion Roars


Did you know that pest of a weed that grows abundantly in our backyards called a dandelion fights cancer? Just think we walk all over these precious diamonds and do not think a thing about it. As a matter of fact we can hardly wait to rid these pests from our yards, when we could be harvesting these cancer fighting plants or weeds, whichever you prefer.

Dandelion Root Extract (DRE) has been shown to actually kill cancer cells in vitro (In the glass), but it is not a cancer cure. The way that I investigate this is that dandelion has helped me in many other ways. It healed digestive issues. Led to better digestion and has even helped some with pain.

Dandelion root extract has been of interest for biomedical investigation for its high content of the antioxidants believed to be core to the body’s fighting damaging “free radical” cells and the key element in green tea health benefits. It is rich in nutritional compounds that researchers believed combine to make dandelion root a potential cancer fighter. It has a long use in traditional medicine, especially the thousands of years of recorded Chinese practice as a digestive aid.

Furthermore, we demonstrate that DRE has the potential to induce apoptosis where the body digests its bad toxins but leaves its good cells alone. DRE also prompts autophagy. This is when the body eats its dead toxic cells yet leaves healthy cells alone. DRE has been known to do this human pancreatic cancer cells with no significant effect on noncancerous cells. This will provide a basis on which further research in cancer treatment through DRE can be executed.

Including some known bio-active phytochemicals (plant compounds) such as α-amyrin (like an alcohol), β-amyrin (like an alcohol), lupeol (plant chemical) and taraxasterol (the main plant chemical constituent in Dandelion Root Extract). This suggests that this natural extract could engage and effectively target multiple vulnerabilities of cancer cells. Therefore, DRE could be a non-toxic and effective anti-cancer alternative, instrumental for reducing the occurrence of cancer cells drug-resistance.

This is exciting to me. And I believe this should be exciting to every one of us, because. The more we become familiar with our environment and all the wonderful plants and animals that lead us closer to an answer that will cure cancer, the better our lives will become, and the less likely we will be to cling to man-made antidotes that kill off our normal healthy cells as well as cancer cells. I believe there will come a day when chemotherapy and many other therapies will allude to a thing of the past.

Lots Of Love

Audrey J.

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