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Product: Body Boost Bovine Colostrum; Contains 900mg of IgG immunoglobulin

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Price: 47.97

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size of Container: 16oz

Guarantee: Yes, risk free 100% guaranteed satisfaction

My Ratings: 9.5 – 10

Free Shipping: Yes

Company: Inner Harmony

Why IgG is so important to you.

When we are born, our mother’s pass immunoglobulin via placenta (in-vivo) and after birth by mammary glands to the baby.

Humans mainly pass IgA, an immunoglobulin that is more of a locally designed immunity boost.

However, IgG is an immunoglobulin that covers over 85% of total immunoglobulin which makes it a systemic immunity—–spread throughout the entire body.

Since IgG plays a much larger role in boosting our immune is no wonder why we would want this immunoglobulin over IgA. Well… cows (bovine) is one mammal that produces large amounts of IgG in the milk (colostrum) it feeds to its newborn calves.

You see since the calf does not receive IgG through the placenta, the calves mother produces large amounts of IgG in its colostrum.

We are now extracting IgG from bovine colostrum for human consumption.

People that are far beyond the years of their birth, are experiencing great benefits from IgG colostrum. They are feeling much more energetic, stronger, able to fight off infection and colds quicker and more effectively after ingesting bovine colostrum.

My Personal Experience

Personally, I have had tremendous success using bovine colostrum. It does to me what the claims are. The claims are that colostrum will add energy and strengthen your body, add vigor to your bones.

I realize that Sovereign Laboratories (99.95) container of colostrum has 1250mg of IgG per serving and The Body Boost (47.97) Bovine Colostrum has 900mg per serving.

However, I chose to buy the Body Boost brand as I know that only a certain amount of IgG immunoglobulin will filter to the areas of my body that need it. Body Boost is cheaper and has proven to work very well for me.

Product: Colostrum-LD Liposomal; Contains 1.25 or 1250mg of IgG immunoglobulins

Price: $99.95

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size of Container:16oz

Guarantee: Yes

My Ratings: 8

Free Shipping: Yes

Company: Sovereign Laboratories

Company: Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum

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