Marty And Miss Jaws-A FUN READ

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Hi, my name is Marty, and I have a very unique story to tell you. Now, you might not believe me when I tell you this, but I talked to Miss Jaws. Okay, so you might believe that I did talk to a lady named Miss Jaws, even if that is a peculiar name, but did I tell you that Miss Jaws is a shark? So, by now you are either thinking I lost a nut, or I am trying to sell you a phony bag of goodies. Well….it is not what I am selling that is so great—–oh no. It was what Miss Jaws was selling that made me perk up and give me a new lease on life. Let me tell you all about it, and then you let me know what you think.

Beach strolling


So, there I was just strolling down the beach off the Gulf of Mexico. I had the melancholies that day because I have stage IV pancreatic cancer you see, and that ain’t no funny thing to be carrying around all day long for many days. Now my doctors, oncologists and etc… etc. and etc. and etc. and etc… well I am sure you get the picture. When ya come down with cancer the docs keep piling up, at least at first, until things simmer down. Anyway, so there I am at the beach, the seagulls cawing or chirping or whatever they do, and the waves rushing to the shore. It was no special time of the year, so I did not see very many people around. I thought I had the beach all to myself—-one of those unique times when you feel like you just own it all. It was just in the middle of this feeling, when I saw a lawn chair closer to the water and off to my right. The sun was sinking lower in the sky and some of its rays were reflecting off the water like golden gems cascading down a wavy canvas.
So, I just trudged on forward minding my own business, but I can’t help but notice the long figure in the lawn chair with the umbrella over it don fins. Well….at least it looked that way. Then, again, maybe I was seeing things due to my Chemo. fog or possibly the environment itself was making my eyes goofy. I don’t know, and I cared little, until I began to pass by the chair.


The Voice to Help


“Marty, come here, please.” The voice sounded casual and considerate, no malice in the tone at all. Did I know this person? I did not recognize the voice, but it sounded warm and soothing, so I approached the chair, and there it was, or she was or whatever it was. I barely believed what I was seeing, a shark in a girlish like figure with cool looking Hollywood like shades on.

“Oh my, Marty, you look like you saw a ghost or worse.” The creature’s voice was still, mild, and friendly. What was I to do? What would you do? I wanted to run, to get the heck out of there and find shelter or someplace, anyplace but there. Yet, I felt a compulsion to stay put and wait it out, something was also telling me this would be okay. Against what most might consider better judgment or a lack thereof, I stayed put.

“Oh dear me, Marty, now do not be afraid. I am a good shark. I am not going to, as some might say, have you over here for dinner. I just want to be of help to you. You see, Marty, I am an ancestral star shark. We star sharks sometimes receive the pleasure to actually speak to people when they are in need.” I stood with my mouth wide open, jaw almost touching the sand. Hh…. ho…. how did you know my name, Miss Star Shark? Is this really happening or am I completely out of my silly gourd?

“Oh, it is very much happening, but my name is Miss Jaws, not Miss Star Shark. You see, Marty, I know all about you. I know where and when you were born. What all you did in your life, those closest to you, those….” “Those not so close to me?” I interrupted.

“Yes, those not so close, and I know you have stage four pancreatic cancer.”

“Okay, how long have I had it?” I just had to interject that into the conversation.

“Almost 6 months and counting,” Replied Miss Jaws.

“How do you know all these things about me?” I asked a bit perturbed.

“Why, Marty, do I hear a little disturbance in your tone?”

“Well…. just that I don’t usually talk to a shark every day. One that knows all about me anyway.” I protested.

“Oh that, don’t mind that. You see our creator allowed for me to know about you. As I watched you walk the beach, I couldn’t help but feel the pain in your heart, so I decided to help you.” Her voice was very convincing, and she seemed so honest, but how was I to trust a shark? How was I talking to a shark to begin with? The word crazy came to mind over and over again.


You’re Not Crazy


“No, you’re not crazy, Marty. Our creator gave me the honor and pleasure to come here and help.” She was emphatic about this, so I took her at her word.

“Okay, you got my attention. How are you going to help me?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

“When it comes to sharks, do you know what AKG’s are?” I gave her a strange look and rolled the acronym around in my mind. “Also Known as Gone?” I began, “or, already gone”. “I give up”.

Miss Jaws took her sunglasses off using the tip of her fin and spoke, “None of the above, Marty—-what it stands for is alkylglycerols or easily put, fat oils from a shark’s liver (shark liver oil) that are very potent antioxidants that help rid the body of free radicals that can cause cancer, and it does much more. However, what I am really going to share is what we sharks just cannot keep back from allowing humans to know”.

“If its something good, you should let us know since you sharks have been busy eating us for eons anyway!” I exclaimed. Miss Jaws was quick to reply. “Oh, so you think we are terrible. Yes, we can get carried away, but we don’t pollute and contaminate the oceans and land like humans, and we could never eat the number of human lives your wars have claimed.”

“Touché, Miss Jaws,” I said.

“Apology accepted, Marty. Okay so we both require apologies”. I smiled at Miss Jaws and said, “Yes, apology accepted Miss Jaws”.

“You ever heard about shark cartilage?” asked Miss Jaws.

“No, nothing other than I believe sharks don’t have bones they have cartilage instead”.


Where was the Conversation Going?


I Replied wondering where this conversation was going now. Miss Jaws rubbed her chin with her fin, smiled and stated, “Well. Mr. Shane, you are about to be educated, and you are going to love the results”. She continued, “You see you have a heavily vascularized cancer”.

“A what-culized cancer?” I asked loudly.

“Vascularized cancer means the tumor needs blood and other blood-borne nutrients to thrive. The tumor is actually angiogenic. It creates small blood vessels in which it transports nutrients through to stay alive. The tumor competes against our cells and tissue. The tumor(s) is on a shark feeding frenzy. It eats and grows, eats and grows until the normal cells starve to death”. She smiled a little when she interjected the words “shark feeding frenzy” into her lecture. I looked into her dark eyes and asked, “What does that have to do with cartilage?”

“Shark cartilage throws roadblocks in front of those formed vessels of blood that a tumor creates. The tumor regresses, sometimes even dies before it gets a chance to become a monster in your body”.

“So, are you saying that I have a vascularized cancer?”

“That is exactly what I am saying, Marty, and it can be head off by my cartilage. Now, what do you think about that?” She was smiling with glee and excitement, and I could hardly believe my ears and eyes. “How do you know this will work?” I asked. She took on a very serious looking attire and said, “Marty, what I am about to share, you will remember, because our creator will be your guide. You see, Marty, several studies have confirmed the tumor shrinking power of cartilage, especially shark cartilage, according to Dr. Lane. For example, at the Institute Jules Bordet in Brussels, under the direction of Dr. Ghanem Atassi, 40 mice received grafts of human melanoma. Half received no treatment. Half received daily doses of whole dry shark cartilage given by mouth. Tumors in the untreated animals doubled in size in 21 days, while the tumors in the animals that had received the shark cartilage decreased 17 percent”. But the patients were mice not humans!” I protested

“I know that, Marty, but Dr. Lane didn’t stop on mice he went further. He reports on the experimental work of various doctors using shark cartilage, among them Ernesto Contreras, Sr., M.D., and his two sons, Ernesto, Jr., and Francisco, who are also medical doctors. Together they


Human Subjects


ran the Contreras Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Lane approached them, asking if they would try shark cartilage on some of their terminal patients. They agreed to treat ten cancer patients free of charge, all of them in the late stages of their disease with little chance of surviving even 6 months”.

“so what happened? Did some of them actually live beyond 6 moths?”

“Oh, my, it was better than that. They started the patients on a 4-month cartilage treatment. Thirty grams of shark cartilage was introduced into the patients through retention enemas so the shark protein from the cartilage would be readily absorbed into their systems”.

“Were these people hopeless cases? Did they have any chance?” I was very interested by this time, and Miss Jaws could see this in me. She really knew how to draw me in with her modulating dynamic voice.

“Oh, and how hopeless they were thought to be. However, as time went on, and at the end of four months, one patient dropped out. One patient unfortunately died. Seven patients experienced tumor reduction and two were miracle cures.”

“Wow! To go from for sure death in 6 months to manageable tumor size and cure, that is awesome!” I felt more hope than ever I felt before envelope my being.

“Before I go there’s a little more to tell”.

“Go, what do you mean go?” I was upset. Then, I remembered how bewildered and confused I felt formerly before our acquaintance was made.

“I know it is a shame that we will soon part ways, but we’ll always remember our meeting, and we’ll always be friends. The time will come when we shall meet again. All life is interconnected. Like we are, Marty”. Miss Jaws made a lot of sense. I liked the idea of being connected. That was really cool. “I suppose it was inevitable. I am very grateful you chose me Miss Jaws”.

“I am too. Now get this. A 36-year-old female with a Stage IV peritoneal carcinoma from a colon primary cancer had exploratory surgery confirm the diagnosis of inoperable cancer. The patient had been given little chance of survival. After 7 weeks of shark-cartilage treatment, she needed an operation to remove an abscess, during which the tumor was found to be 80 percent smaller, and what was left had gelatinized. At eleven weeks, the patient was tumor-free and was considered by the doctors to be a “miracle cure.”

Dr. Lane cites many other cases in his book, including many who failed to respond to treatment, or improved initially and then had relapses. But certain facts emerged: “Absolutely no toxicity was noted at any dosage level. In each case, use of shark cartilage significantly reduced pain. This may be one of the most important findings in the study.

Pain reduction seems to be the first effect of shark cartilage.” He tells of a medical doctor in the United States who, after reading about shark cartilage, began giving it to cancer patients, watching their progress and checking for side effects. This doctor soon discovered that high-level doses of shark cartilage—up to 120 grams—brought amazing results. ” ’He has worked with over 110 patients,’ ” says Lane. “MRI and CAT scans reveal that at least 15 of Dr. Martinez’s patients are basically tumor-free. Others are showing a reduction in tumor size.” Dr. Martinez was preparing a paper on it for scientific journals”. Miss Jaws stopped and noticed the remorse in my eyes and on my face. I knew she would soon leave me alone on the beach. I still, in a way had a tough time realizing that I was learning some very knowledgeable stuff from a fish, a big man-eating fish. She stopped my thoughts there.

“No, Marty, a Star Shark, a creation that can now converse—-not a man-eating fish. When we all see the creator, we shall all be able to communicate”. I turned my head towards the sea and inquired, “Do I know this creator, Miss Jaws?” She quickly came back, “Yes, you know Him as God, and He is your friend indeed.” “Okay, so that is good. I like knowing God is my friend.” I stated. “He is also your Father and you are His son.” Miss Jaws explained. “Ahh yes, I heard of that.” I said. “Of course, you have, Marty. The truth is the truth.” She hesitated then went on. “By the way, shark cartilage also works for other ailments like arthritis, psoriasis, diabetic retinopathy, neovascular glaucoma, and macular degeneration. It is a powerful pain killer and there are no side effects to shark cartilage. You’ll do just fine, Marty, you are loved by many.” Her voice drifted away, away, away.

I came to myself, like out of a dream state or vision. There was nothing or no one around. The only thing I possessed to remind me of the shark conversation was a big flask of shark cartilage. Had I dreamed all of what I heard and learned?

So, now you know the whole entire story of what happened that day. Did it happen? Was I visited from a star shark that brought me knowledge of shark cartilage and left me with a big flask of cartilage, or was it all a weird phenomenon? I know what I saw, and I now know lots about shark cartilage that I had no clue about before. For me the visit was absolutely real. And I am so grateful that God sent a star shark to me. I am in His debt.

I pray that this story which is fictional but based on fact will touch your hearts and give you hope for disease and cancer. I also hope you found this very entertaining. My friends love this story and I am sure you will, too.

Lots of Love

Audrey J.

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4 thoughts on “Marty And Miss Jaws-A FUN READ”

  1. Audrey, I love the way you face cancer. This is one of the hardest diseases to accept. To me, it’s a dirty word. There have been so many family members and friends of ours who have battled this awful disease. Your site is great and will encourage many people who have to go through the agonies of cancer. Thank you so much for your bright outlook, your faith and the great information found here.

    • You’re a beautiful person, Wilma. I am so grateful to have you as my friend. The words you just spoke were like sweet music to me ears. If I am able to touch the heart or hearts of others at this site, then I have done well. I pray that people may find a ray of hope here at my website. You are awesome, Wilma.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique style you used to educate and teach people about shark cartilage and alkylglycerols. This definitely caught my attention. This story form informercial style of teaching will stay in my mind for a good while.

    Thank you

  3. I enjoyed this story and facts! I hope others will read this so they may help some love one who is struggling with their health! This could help save their live! Doesn’t hurt to read and do your own research! It could be a way to safe life!


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