How I Became Cancer Free From Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer


How I am now Cancer Free from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Medical Disclaimer

This may be the most important post that I ever wrote on this website, or possibly even my life. We are about to explore something that does not happen very often when a person has deadly inoperable stage 4 cancer. Over a year ago I fell victim to stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer. The doctors gave me 2 to 3 months to live, yet here I am writing these words to you, to let you know that you yourself have the power within you to battle this demon and possibly even whip it good like I did. My journey began swiftly after I came home from the hospital: “Banner Desert Hospital” in Mesa, Arizona. With barely any time on my hands, I and others—–especially my husband, who possesses a unique research-like mind from days during the time he studied Microbiology and Pre-Med, worked hours into the night to discover a regimen that worked. When I say worked, I frankly mean I am cancer-free. My dear friends I would not be writing this unless I knew for sure that what we discovered and what we did could very well help you, maybe even lead to your cancer-free or disease-free body. I firmly believe you have it in you. You must try. I pray that you will let me lead you, that you will allow me to help you with your disease. I pray that you will consider trying what I did. I should be dead, but I am stronger than ever and living life well. Will you allow yourself the opportunity to possibly regain your life and its quality and fight for your right to be cancer free? Will you do this for yourself or your loved ones?

I remember the words, “It’s metastatic, very aggressive…. ah…. very aggressive, gone into the liver and gall bladder; I’m very sorry, very sorry. We will do all we can here. The stent will help control the sludge build up and will allow normal system functions. However, the Canc….” The doctor paused here, like the word “cancer” suddenly became the most offensive, foulest, word ever invented.

As his procession of words poured on, I knew at the very instant I heard the word “metastatic”, I had two options to consider. I must beat it in my mind, or it will beat me. “God gave me 68 wonderful years of life. Now, Audrey, what are you going to do?” The answer came swiftly. I looked at the doctor, at my husband, the ceiling, the floor. Yet, instead of seeing dark lurking shadows of death, yee ole grim reaper of rot. I saw and felt the presence of angels. I saw words form “Beat it, baby – yes, beat it, or be beaten”.


You Have it in You to Beat Cancer

Now, here’s where you come in. You have a disease. You might have cancer, a dystrophy or a degenerative disease, or some other life-threatening illness, and like me, have two principle options available—-to fight or give in. If you choose to fight, even though the picture may look grim, you will find yourself at the stage of seizing your disease. This is a very critical stage to reach, for upon achieving this stage you are passing the halfway mark to taking complete control of your war against cancer or disease. Yes, at this point, you are fighting back and beginning your fantastic journey to victory, and your mind-set is in the right direction—-the positive direction.

What I feel pressed to do is give you a complete account on how I became cancer free. I am elated to share everything I know. I will tell you what supplements I took and what remedies I ingested to kill off cancer cells and turn my body’s cells into rough, tough, cancer killing machines. I will do my utmost to be your guide in helping you achieve what I dub “Cancer Liberation” (Freedom from the bondage of cancer). Please do not allow yourselves to give in. Please call upon me (send me a comment, please) when you feel tired or like you just can’t go on. Last thing I want to do is to come across as a salesperson. I realize I am one click away from losing you. I esteem you. I respect your intelligence and time. Please believe me when I say I would not be writing this if I thought for one split-second that I was wasting your time. PLEASE STAY and read, because we are about to touch on some very healthy and exciting cancer fighting and winning news.

ONE of our greatest assets in fighting cancer is called a very close and strong support network. I pray that you soon find yourself this support network. This could be group support, support from church, friends, relatives and people like me that want you to succeed and be healthy and disease free.



At this time, I shall  do my best to guide you in a voyage that I pray very earnestly will lead you to a new life, a rebirth, well maybe a new way of thinking anyway.

Now that you have been diagnosed with stage 4 or stage 1 or very mild cancer, it is time to start thinking about the best nutritional diet you can come up with. However, before you go splurging on tons of food, remember you must keep protein, certain amount of carbohydrates, calories, fiber, liquids, vitamins and minerals up to par. Right away I bought 24 high protein energy boosting shakes like Boost or Slim Fast that contained 30 grams of protein in each carton. You do not have to worry about a specific brand, a sensible cheaper store brand is just as good and less money. Believe me you want to do your best to keep your expenses down. I bought eggs and cruciferous veggies. I will explain why I eat these veggies. They help you fight cancer. As a matter of fact, our entire website is devoted to supplements, foods, remedies, oils and such that are explained in detail on how we benefit from these food items, tinctures, remedies and etc.….

YOU might want to read my 4 part post called “Stage 4 Cancer Treatment – Turn Your Cells Into Cancer Killing Machines” at
If you read the post, you will understand in better clarity what I am writing about now.

Unless you are suffering from diabetes, it is very safe to have lots of oat bread or even wheat grain bread. I like rye bread, high fiber bread and barley biscuits. Barley is a great plant that has very little gluten in it and it fights cancer. The plant itself has a great deal of protein and is very nutritious. There are some very hearty barley drinks are out there like “Bakuryokuso” (see “hop on The Barley Bus” to learn more about “Bakuryokuso” ). My husband only allowed me to drink the shakes, distilled water, healthy juices, like vegetable juice or apple and prune juices. He found hearty foods that fought cancer and mixed it into my diet. He even had me taking wheatgrass and spirulina. Folks, my husband knew that if I was to fight this ugly deadly disease, I had to keep my normal healthy cells in my body extremely healthy beyond measure almost. This began a time for healing.



I often told myself “If I ever get cancer, I am not going to take the chemotherapy”. Well I did take Chemo. My sister, a nurse, almost wrenched my arm. I had to take it to keep the peace. Well…not quite that serious. While on Chemo., we knew that the chemical would cause hair loss, fatigue, nausea, neuropathy, night sweats, fever, weight-loss and the list goes on. My sister and husband knew I had to maintain weight. Maintaining weight while fighting cancer is very, very important. The more a cancer patient weighs, the fewer side-effects he/she will experience from the Chemo. You do not want to think about a diet to lose weight when on Chemo. You will need calories and plenty of them. Calories help to reduce side effects from Chemo. They allow your body energy. I know ingesting low fat foods and products low in saturated fats have been pushed on us by health food gurus for a long time, but with cancer, you must re-learn your diet options. The cancer comes to rape you of your nutrition. It is an extremely competitive beast that will rob your normal cells of nutrients. This weakens your normal cells until they are not able to fight back at cancer, and the cancer runs a muck. So, don’t be bashful dig right into whole milk, cheeses, and foods that are higher in calories. Your normal cells will love you for this. You will maintain weight if you do this, and this is what we want—–healthy cells.

Now, Chemo has gotten a little better than it was decades ago. We do have chemo drugs that are more tissue targeted than they used to be. Therefore, the drugs that were infused in my body were designed to attack cancer in the upper digestive area like the pancreas, gallbladder and liver. My job was to turn my cells into healthy war machines against the enemy cancer—-keep my cells empowered.


The Recipe and Regimen That Kicked Cancer’s Can


My cancer metastasized to my gallbladder, lymph and liver. Upon arriving at home, I consulted a hospice organization I had volunteered for in the past, a nurse was assigned to me to regulate my drugs and pain killers—– doses of oxycodone as well as prednisone.

They said “We’ll be here to make you as comfortable as possible.” Little did I know that my husband already purchased remedies, extracts and etc.…… The following is a list of everything he initially bought for me. I will highlight each supplement and remedy and add links that will take you to review pages to become more familiar with what each product does and how it fights cancer. Here is that list:


Folks, I know that when we want to get better, it is very important to kick our bodies into overdrive and fight cancer or illness. The purchase of product can be a huge factor—-it can financially break us. I surely do not want money to become a burden. I understand, for I live on a fixed income. If you can at least attain the Bovine Colostrum, DDR PRIME (DDR Prime is a must), and Spirulina, you will be doing yourself a great favor.


Now that you have the recipe for battling cancer, it’s time to ingest your strong cancer fighting goodies.


DDR Prime: You will want to take 4 gel caps a day, or you can buy the liquid bottle dropper and size one aught (size 0) empty gel caps (they are $8.00 for 1000 empty Caps)—–place 4 drops of DDR Prime in empty gel caps and swallow them. CLICK on (DDR Prime image for more DDR Prime Info.) and taking gel caps. NOTE: DDR Prime is a must take.


Bovine Colostrum: Take a heaping tablespoon full of powder colostrum with a ¼ cup of water on an empty stomach. Do this again before you turn in for the night. When my husband and I take this, we feel a little jolt in energy. CLICK HERE to go back to the colostrum review.


Milk Thistle Extract: Milk thistle sounds like a prickly thing to swallow. It is in powdered form of course. It is proven to rejuvenate and regenerate liver cells. Milk Thistle brings health to the pancreas, liver and the gallbladder. Take 2000mg per day.


Hemp Oil: CBD is a great anti-anxiety and anti-depressant oil or extract. It also helps with inflammation and pain. You will want to take 1 dropper full twice a day, or when needed. If bought in pill form, you will usually take 2 to 3 pills per day.


Probiotics: I love my probiotics. The natural balance between probiotics, our natural flora is one we do not in any way want to teeter. To Stay feeling healthy is to have a great flora balance. This guards against C. diff and other bowel infections. I take 4, 25 to 50 billion CFU caps a day.


Spirulina: I ingest 3000 to 4000mg (6 to 10 tablets each day) of this a day. Spirulina is great; it is high in protein and vitamin content, which makes it an excellent dietary supplement. Research suggests that spirulina has antioxidant and inflammation-fighting properties, as well as the ability to help regulate the immune system and remove heavy metals, toxins you do not want in your body illness or no illness.


Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: This item has sparked some controversy. I feel it has helped me. Hydrogen Peroxide produces an oxygen rich environment for my healthy cells. I only take 2 drops of this each day.


Liposomal Venus Fly Trap: Another in controversy extract called Carnivora. This was used to help Ronald Reagan overcome colon cancer. Apparently, it worked. It is widely accepted in Europe—-not so much in The U.S. I know it helped me. I take ½ dropper 2 times a day.


Frankincense Oil: A tree resin that can distinguish between cancer cells and normal cells in the body. It is a cancer cell killer and a great topical pain killer I rubbed it on my pancreas when it hurt. Believe me it works. NOTE: I recommend that you use this topically for any cancer pain, rub it directly into the site of pain. You can drink a few drops of this internally. However, I recommend you use the DDR Prime for main ingestion of cancer killing and normal cell boosting oils.


Lavender Oil: Rub this topically on your legs or arms or any part of your body that feels restless. The ointment and aroma give you a very relaxed feeling.


Lemongrass Oil: If you cannot buy the DDR Prime due to cost, this is the next best oil to fight cancer. I do hope that you can somehow buy the DDR Prime, though. DDR Prime does it all in one bottle.


By following this regimen and this recipe, you just may be surprised how strong you may become. Your mind will begin to think, “Better days are ahead.”



In Summary




Believe me, better days are coming. If your cancer is treatable and has not gone too far out of control, even though it may be stage 4 like mine was, you stand a very good chance of surviving and feeling strong again. Besides ingesting or using the products mentioned above, you must see in your mind that you have defeated the enemy, you have conquered the foe. Having a strong positive mental attitude, is ½ or more of the battle. Set your mind in the buck-up phase and get’er done. You can do this. Remember you are on a holistic journey to good health. We must focus on our minds, bodies and souls, our emotions, and of course the right foods.


Eat logically. You need calories to stave off cancer. I mentioned cruciferous Veggies and now I re-introduce them to you. Cruciferous Veggies are those vegetables that belong in the cabbage and broccoli family. During food preparation, chewing, and digestion, the glucosinolates in cruciferous vegetables are broken down to form biologically active compounds such as indoles, nitriles, thiocyanates, and isothiocyanates. Indole-3-carbinol (an indole) and sulforaphane (an isothiocyanate) have been most frequently examined for their anticancer effects. These are very potent plant chemicals that do a world of hurt on cancer cells. Click here to learn more about cruciferous Veggies.


I eat plenty of nuts like almonds, walnuts or peanuts. I learned to ingest oils that are high in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. I am learning to do what I should have done years ago to prevent a cancer. It is never too late.


NOTE:  I pray if you do not choose to order through my site, that you will find someplace, somewhere near you or online where you can receive these lifesaving and normal cell boosting products. I have laid out all the remedies, supplements, foods, and oils for you. My greatest hope and desire are that you will act on this and acquire DDR Prime, because it has all the cancer fighting essential oils mixed together in one bottle. I really wish you would also procure some Spirulina, Carnivora and Bovine Colostrum, too. I know you may not be able to obtain everything here, but it can be done a little at a time. I also wish you well in your endeavors to beat the cancer that plagues you now. I would be elated if you will keep me informed on how you are doing. Also, remember attitude is 1/2 or more of the battle against this enemy. YES, WE CAN. Please see my article


Tsk Tsk If Your a NA Yee Hawdy If Your a WPA  this will help point you in a positive direction.


Lots of Love and God bless you and heal you.


Audrey J.

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  1. God Blessed His Daughter Audrey … because He loves her. Now she is bringing Glory To God by being a Blessing to many. Thank you Audrey for doing God’s work with Him…

  2. Roger, Thank you so very much for your inspirational comment. I pray that God is able to use me as an inspiration. He is helping others via my site. I pray what I know can hep many others. I pray this in a humble way.

    Lots of Love

    Audrey J.

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