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Face the Foe by Embracing the Foe

When asked how I deal with cancer, I am always happy to respond with a smile and say, “I just learn to deal with it like any other illness such as a flu or a cold. I place my trust and faith in God. I then add, “I learned to embrace it.”

This alone takes a lot of stress off me. I do not like stress, and my belief in God puts a damper on stress that I would otherwise have to deal with.

Regardless of what happens I know it is a win, win situation for me. I appreciate life far more than I ever have, and I am very thankful that I can be alive to share this with you.

I respect all other individuals ideals and beliefs, and I have composed an unbiased post that I hope will help many other people no matter what faith they are or what they believe.

Most importantly, when I learned how to embrace my cancer, the doors opened up on how to survive my condition as well as what actions I can take to build a healthier body. I pray this helps many others, too.

Beat it or it Beats You

I remember the words, “It’s metastatic, very aggressive….ah….very aggressive, gone into the liver and gall bladder; I’m very sorry, very sorry. We will do all we can here. The stent will help control the sludge build up and will allow normal system functions. However, the Canc….” The doctor paused here, like the word “cancer” suddenly became the most offensive, foulest, word ever invented.

As his procession of words poured on, I knew at the very instant I heard the word “metastatic”, I had two options to consider.

I must beat it in mind, or it will beat me. “God gave me 68 wonderful years of life. Now, Audrey, what are you going to do?

The answer came swiftly. I looked at the doctor, at my husband, the ceiling, the floor. Yet, instead of seeing dark lurking shadows of death, yee ole grim reaper of rot. I saw and felt the presence of angels. I saw words form “Beat it, baby – yes, beat it, or be beaten”.

Now, here’s where you come in. You have a disease. You might have cancer, kidney failure, MS or some other life threatening illness, and like me, have two principal options available—-to fight or give in.

If you choose to fight, even though the picture may look grim, you will find yourself at the stage of seizing your disease.

Seize Your Disease – Own Your Chances Of Surviving Cancer

In the light of a new day dawning and in essence of beating your disease, you suddenly find something that is more than just a thought inside you to win.

There is another entity, an entity of the soul springing forth to unmask the new you. Yes, this is the new you. You may still feel a splinter of despair and loathing towards the disease you, at times, find hard to believe you have.

This is the moment of truth, to be or not to be, to live or not to live. Then, it dawns on you.

You have a thorn in your flesh and you can’t pull it out. Do you drop all hope, cringe and curdle up into a fetal position looking forward for the last crescendo in your life to sound off its trump?

You might, or what about seizing the moments, the savory, sweet, wonderful chattels in life that made it all worth living. This is your choice to hold on. It is at this point you are learning to seize your disease.

When we are able to seize our diseases in life, we discover that we can own or prognosis, just the opposite of the prognosis controlling what we do or how we live.

This is at this crucial point in our dance with cancer that we realize we do have a say in our destiny with cancer or other illnesses.

When I reached the point where I seized and embraced cancer, I found myself enjoying life more, Even all the little things that life has to offer us, seemed new and fresh.

I fully accepted cancer. This does not mean I have to enjoy cancer. I mean that I now know how to live with cancer.

This allowed more doors to open up in my life. Doors that led to the “hows”, “whats”, and even some “whys”.

My mind became more clear as to how I can laugh more. How I can live more. How I can control my thoughts through what can be an emotional roller coaster ride.

The hows led to what I can do to fight cancer. What I can eat to empower my body. What I can say to others to improve the moments, the days. What other alternative methods I can explore to keep my immunity system sound and my cells strong.

When I let go of hate, fear, worries and just plain agonizing over cancer, and embraced the diseases, an entirely new world of hope and opportunity burst into my life.

Sometimes, reading an inspirational book can with your mental courage and drive to keep moving forward. One such book I found comforting was “Living With Cancer”.

This book allows one to process moments of the day in which we can do our part to stay strong and yet allow ourselves to remember we are all human.

Poise Can Be Powerful

When I dropped an anchor into serenity, self-assurance and self-confidence with cancer, another new window opened up.

I found myself a happy person wanting to do more for others. I saw people as prospects in need of laughter, love and understanding.

This led me to more thought into people in general. What made them laugh, smile or what made them cry, frown or feel sad. I realize my life is taking on new meanings. My vision of life is much broader.

This allows me to be a more useful tool in people’s life. I see through “cancer eyes”; these eyes are compassionate, empathizing and sympathizing, more so than ever before. I thank God I can be a help to others.

Keep Dreaming

Where there is no vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29:18.

How true this simple statement found in the Bible is. You do not have to have a lethal illness to stop you from dreaming in life.

Dreams are beautiful visions people see within the corridors of their minds. Dreams give us motivation, determination, shift us into higher gears that enable us to accomplish amazing feats in life.

As the Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

I hope you do not allow cancer or any other disease stop you from dreaming.

Try to invent a dream, even a small dream will do. It might just be a small goal you can set. Set a goal to call someone that you have not spoken with in a long time or a goal to walk a little further each day. Here is a list to get you started.

      • Walk your dog.
      • Play with your children more. If you do not have children, try to increase activities with friends.
      • Visit your neighbors more often. If you do not know your neighbors, then try to get to know them.
      • Reach out to others in other social environments, clubs, churches, luncheons, game centers, etc.
      • Join a healthy club, church, or fun-filled organization.
      • Get involved with socializing. If you are not very social, now is the best time to give it a whirl.
      • Plan to go for a drive.
      • Plan a picnic.
      • Plan a movie watching adventure with someone.
      • Read books that are full of positive inspiration
      • JUST get out there and do it

I also like to use books as a stepping stone to help organize my thoughts and find other ways through another person’s mind on how to cope with my disease. This book adds simplicity to happiness “Hope Healing and Happiness”.

Dear Friends,

When all of what I learned in my journey: believing I can beat it, seizing my disease, poise or self-confidence, and keeping a vision or dream in my life was applied in my life, I did embrace my situation.

People, When I embraced my dire situation, I became empowered. I felt I controlled this cancer, instead of the reverse roll where it might be controlling me.

This dear friends is an extremely great feeling to have. I hope and I pray that what I share with you, will be a great inspiration in your life and a blessing that you can take with you wherever you go.

I love comments. Please share your questions or comments in comment section below. I will reply as soon as possible.


Lots of Love

Audrey Jean

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