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This tough cancer fighting extract that comes from the Venus flytrap plant is in hot controversy as I write this. In fact, if you were to begin doing your own research on how we came to even know about this cancer battling extract, you would discover how little you would be able to find on the topic. I have done my research on this and I know. Because I do not entirely believe everything our “Big Pharma” tells us, carnivora is subject I do not think they are being very up front about. Here is an interesting fact: Ronald Reagan, who is believed to have gone to Germany, and consulted Germany’s leading cancer doctor, Dr.Nieper. Dr. Nieper apparently and successfully treated Reagan’s colon cancer with carnivora.

Product: Carnivora
Price: $39.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: eBay
Size of Container: 96 servings or 16oz
Guarantee: Yes
My Ratings: 10
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Below is an excerpt from some research material I came upon, PLEASE READ:

Ronald Reagan secretly went to Germany and consulted Germany’s leading cancer doctor—Hans Nieper, MD. It would have been front page news if it had not been hushed up at that time. (It is not the scope of this article to discuss how Dr Hans Nieper treated Reagan although it is believed to be Carnivora, an extract of the Venus Fly Trap plant). The intention of this article then is to let you know that President Reagan, while still in office and with all the best of medical science in the US at his disposal, actually turned his back on America’s cancer treatments—the so called evidenced-based scientifically tested cancer treatments—and lived another 19 years (after surgery) until he died of Alzheimer’s at age 93 in 2004.

We just cannot imagine the enormous amount of cover-ups by the mainstream media and by the various American cancer establishments such as the FDA, AMA, ACS, and the National Cancer Institute. These are the very establishments that have labeled laetrile and other healing modalities as “quackeries.” To them, only surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy is evidenced-based and scientifically tested…all others are unproven and unsafe. This is the wedge that still exists between traditional westernized medicine and naturopathy or healing by natural remedies. Many belive that both industries have their good and bad qualities, yet if they were to join together in the greatest effort to cure cancer and help humanity the results would be monumental—-possibly the end of killer cancer and many other diseases.





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